Mira Mira Wines EXclusive Thanksgiving offer

3-Pack Estate Vineyard Malbec 50% off - $42 per bottle

limited quantities available. Free Shipping.

As the leaves turn and we gather to give thanks, Mira Mira Wines invites you to enhance your celebration with our exclusive Thanksgiving offer. Experience the richness of autumn with our handcrafted Estate Vineyard Malbec – now at an exceptional value.

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Indulge in the season with a curated selection of our Estate Vineyard Malbec. Each bottle promises to add a touch of elegance to your Thanksgiving table, perfectly pairing with everything from the classic turkey to the sweetest pumpkin pies.

Get 3-pack of estate vineyard malbec at just $42 per bottle, crafted to make your holiday gatherings even more memorable.


Mira Mira Estate Vineyard Malbec - 3 Pack Thanksgiving Special


Very limited quantities available. Free Shipping. 

Save even more with our 6-pack offer - Perfect for Larger Celebrations, Extended Festivities and Leftovers!



Ideal Pairing with Thanksgiving Dishes:

Our Malbec beautifully complements the traditional Thanksgiving feast. From the savory richness of turkey to the sweet tang of cranberry sauce, its deep berry notes and elegant tannins enhance every dish on your table


Loved by Diverse Palates:

Whether your guests are seasoned wine connoisseurs or occasional sippers, our Malbec's balanced and approachable profile appeals to a wide range of tastes. It’s a crowd-pleaser that brings everyone together.


Exclusive Elegance:

Elevate your Thanksgiving celebration with the individually numbered edition of Mira Mira EstateVineyard Malbec. Its premium quality and refined character add a special touch to your festive gatherings, making the occasion even more memorable.

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grab this deal while you can and let's raise a glass to making this Thanksgiving not just special, but Mira Mira memorable.

Elevate your holiday experience with Mira Mira Wines β€“ where every sip is a celebration.