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Our Story

Nestled in the heart of Argentina, where verdant vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see and the silhouettes of snow-capped Andes mountains paint a breathtaking backdrop, our journey began. A nation where every corner whispers tales of its storied past, where the majestic Andes stand as silent sentinels, and where the seductive rhythms of tango infuse life with passion. It was a unique blend of wanderlust, a profound appreciation for Argentine wine, and a keen eye for exceptional real estate that planted the seeds for our vineyard. We were captivated by the allure of Argentina, its myriad subtleties: from the gentle murmur of winds across the Pampas to the age-old traditions kept alive by its people. These are the intricate notes, so intricately woven into our wines. There was an undeniable magic to it - the same magic we felt when we stumbled upon a historic jewel in the world of Argentine wine production. Situated on the prestigious "5th Avenue" of Malbec, our vineyard boasts some of the first grapes ever planted in Argentina, aging gracefully over 80 years and bearing witness to many tales of time.

Our wines, crafted with love and finesse, embody the subtle nuances of Argentina, capturing its essence and spirit. They narrate tales of the land, its people, its rhythms, and its history. Every bottle is an invitation to gather, to celebrate, and to make memories. At its core, this is more than just a venture—it's a family endeavor. Every vine we nurture, every grape we harvest, and every bottle we craft, is imbued with our family's dedication and the desire to share the beauty of Argentina with friends and family.

Deeply rooted in our ethos is a fervent commitment to the local community and its thriving agricultural heritage. The success and authenticity of our wines stem not only from our historic vineyard but also from the hard-working hands of local farmers who've tended this land for generations. We believe in sustainable, community-driven practices, ensuring that while we bring the best of Argentine wine to you, we also uplift and support the very hands that make it possible. Your feedback is invaluable to us; it helps us refine, innovate, and grow in harmony with both nature and our community. As we look ahead, we're excited about the shared journey, continually evolving our offerings and deepening our relationships. Your partnership, as connoisseurs and advocates of our wines, is at the heart of our story, and we anticipate many fruitful years of collaboration and celebration together.

Savor Memories, Gift Mira Mira.

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