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Mira Mira Rose

Mira Mira Rose

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Revel in the captivating embrace of our limited edition Mira Mira Rosé, a testament to the land of Pedriel, Mendoza. Refreshing enough to be your poolside muse and possessing the depth to harmonize with the smoky whispers of the grill, it's the wine for all your moments of relaxation. As the sun waltzes across the afternoon sky, lift a chilled glass, toasting to the simple pleasures of sunlit days and starlit evenings.

Best enjoyed now through 2025.
Only 900 bottles available. 

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  • Perfect pairings

    Born in the vibrant terroirs of Mendoza, our wines harmonize exquisitely with hearty dishes. Their intricate profiles resonate with the rich nuances of slow-cooked stews, chargrilled meats, and rustic pasta dishes. Drawing from the unique essence of Mendoza, these wines bring forward notes that beautifully complement bold and savory flavors, turning each meal into an unforgettable gastronomic delight

  • summer grilling

    The charm of a late summer evening finds its match in the dance of flames on a grill and the embrace of our Mendoza wines. Our Malbec, with its robust notes and velvety texture, marries the deeper flavors of the grill, while our Rosé, light and refreshing, complements lighter fare. Crafted to highlight the smoky nuances of barbecued delights, together they promise an ambiance filled with joy, flavor, and the gentle touch of nature's breeze.

  • grape gatherings

    Our wines are more than just a blend of flavors and aromas; they are the embodiment of shared moments and memories. Crafted meticulously to complement the joys of togetherness, each sip becomes an invitation to indulge in delightful evenings. Whether it's a cherished gathering of family or a laughter-filled reunion with friends, our wines set the ambiance, ensuring that every occasion turns into a heartwarming celebration.